about us

Leading Sustainable Innovation in Textiles

We are committed to pioneering sustainable innovation within the textile industry.
With over 55 years of experience, we have evolved from a small print operation in Northern Portugal to one of the largest European textile players on the path to becoming fully vertically integrated and circular. This transformation will enable us to maintain comprehensive control over every aspect of production, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and quality. We specialize in serving premium and luxury brands, ensuring they have access to beautiful, high-quality products that are manufactured efficiently, sustainably, and delivered in record time.
Our leading R&D, design, and innovation teams work together to create and patent new technologies, processes, and products that achieve the smallest possible footprint, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in textile manufacturing.

Join us in redefining industry standards and fostering a sustainable future for all.

Innovative Sustainability

Weare at the cutting edge of sustainable practices, continuously developing processes that dramatically reduce environmental impact.

Vertical Integration

Ourseamless integration from raw material sourcing to final garment production ensures superior quality and sustainability.

European Industrial Base

Withone of the largest manufacturing capacities in Europe, we support high-volume and diverse production needs.

Expansive Product Portfolio

Our extensive range, from performance wear to home textiles, meets the varied demands of different markets and industries.


Embracing new product categories, we ventured into the home textiles sector.




We have started our creative journey and started developign proprietary patterns and historic design library.


The first investment into a garment manufacturer initiated our process of vertical integration.


By 1990, the company was manufacturing over 10 million meters per year, enough to travel across the United States more than 2 times.


The company embarked on a new journey of modernization and installed a state-of-the-art, high-output digital printing machines.


Adalberto embraces sustainability as one of its three core pillars.


Founded by the visionaries Adalberto Pinto da Silva and Noémia Sousa e Silva. Fueled by their creativity and unwavering determination, they embarked on their journey in the world of fashion, specializing in printed fabrics and knits.


Our business expanded significantly, marked by the acquisition of state-of-the-art machinery.


With Noemia de Sousa e Silva remarkably dedicated at the helm, the company embraced Ana Paula Machado and Mario Jorge Machado as active managers in the business operation.


Gamanatura  was launched and the company entered the retail business.


Under Jorge Machado’s leadership, the company pivoted towards becoming a planet-friendly, R&D-focused, and product-agnostic textile organization.