Textiles of the future

Join us in creating fabrics that redefine sustainability
and innovation for a better tomorrow.

Our Innovation team is the heart of our pioneering efforts in sustainable textile technology. Dedicated to true research and development, our lab is where cutting-edge ideas transform into tangible solutions, driving the future of the textile industry.

The main focus of our Innovation Lab is to create sustainable, scalable, and cost-efficient technologies that will make a positive impact on the world. Our team of experts is dedicated to researching and developing new solutions that address the most pressing challenges in the textile industry.

Key areas of innovation include

Sustainable Dyeing Processes

We have developed waterless, petrochemical-free, and carbon-free dyeing methodsthat significantly reduce our ecological footprint.

Advanced Fabric Technologies

Our lab pioneers the use of bio-based and biodegradable materials, ensuring ourtextiles are both innovative and environmentally responsible.

Circular Economy Solutions

We are committed to advancing circularity in textiles, focusing on material reuseand the development of fully recyclable products.

IT and System Integration

We integrate seamlessly with retailer systems to automate deliveries and optimizesupply chain management. This access to real-time data enhances efficiency andensures timely, accurate fulfillment of orders.

Innovative Business Models

Our ability to execute mass personalization allows us to replenish stores directlywith small batches, reducing business risk and ensuring our clients'inventories are perfectly aligned with consumer demand.

Recent Innovations

To access our latest innovations and have early access to our innovative products, reach out to us in the form below. Our team will contact you with an NDA to start a constructive conversation.